Testimonials from TDRz Facebook fan page...

Sarah Troupe ‎:-) you have no idea how much your help will make my life so much easier...sounds loaded but it's not even funny how much easier things will be...uber thanks, you are welcome here anytime, i'll always have coffee on for ya :-)

March 2 at 4:11pm

Chris Faustini You are the best! Thanks again and again for the quick turn around time in helping me with my computer after it crashed! I can't thank you enough for the help! I'd recommend you to anyone!!!

May 18 at 6:30pm

Gary Bowen thank you for all your help even though i ask the same questions over and over again

May 17 at 6:20pm

Drew Miller So my comp crashed and a friend tried to help me cuz the same thin happended to hime. cruzing along he cant get it,so i kick it over to TDRz and poof its fix in like 13hrs. GREAT WORK TDRz YOU TECNO MAGE

May 14 at 11:39pm

Kar Jackers Once again i was in a bind and needed some technical support. In 2 minutes Brian had the answers for me.
Big thank you to the crew at Twisted Digital RealmZ!!!!!!!!!

May 11 at 2:07pm

Kar Jackers if anyone want to know if this guy is good send me a msg. I got nothing but good things to say!!!

May 8 at 3:47pm 

Kar Jackers Wow You guys are fast!!!!!!!!!! Brought mine in for repair and one hour later I get a call that its done!!!!!!!!
If you want your puter fixed bring it in YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 8 at 11:05am 

Jennifer SoontobeAno Hartwig Brian's the most computer literate person I know. And he's so excited about computers and electronics.....it's kinda nice to see someone so excited about a trade they know.

May 6 at 3:58pm 

Troy Reis Thank you Brain for helping me fix my phone. If anyone needs anything fixed like computers,laptops,cellphones, comtact brain he is good at that kind of stuff. Brain fixed my cell phone. thanks again brain.

April 27 at 12:12am

Wes Eitel Brian thank you for helping me with winamp!!!

April 19 at 3:25pm

Drew Miller im one that can put anny comp to the test. i spacilaiz in boging not bloging but boging. i love to bog andd clean my own system it one way to learn

April 19 at 1:25am