Services and Costs...

We belive in a free country and someday a free world but that is not how things work now :(

All questions even about how to fix it yourself are free :)

So to get real, we do have bills to pay just like you so...

$50.00 dollars an hour for Repairing Console Video Game Systems.

$50.00 dollars an hour for Cell Phone Repair.

$50.00 dollars an hour for Labor on Computers/Laptops/Netbooks, Yup that's right, you pay for parts if needed...Well I might charge you a pot of Coffee..:)

Geek Squad Price Chart: Per-Service
PC/Tablet Setup$99.99
PC Tune-Up$39.99
OS Installation$99.99
Virus/Spyware Removal$149.99
Diagnostic and Repair$99.99

All other inquiries just ask us for a quote.

30 day warranty on all service and labor, Guaranteed...

Also don't forget to recycle your broken and used parts with us; not only do we give you a tax break at the end of the year but as a boon for this horrid economy, we have a NON-PROFIT section, where we take your donations (old parts) and use them to build computers for those who need them, so they can find jobs...

Recycle, Reduce, ReUse, ReWrite your life into a digital dream your once had... SoN-< /10

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